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Liqueur is the fastest growing and strongest trending drink category globally with an increase in liqueur sales across the board.

Social media-savvy millennials and gen-z are currently dominating liqueur consumption and choosing affluent liqueur brands to align with and drink. This trend is forecast to continue and exponentially grow. A niche in the market stimulated a vision for a new liqueur – Ginello was born.

Created in July 2023, Ginello was created out of a lack of Liqueurs that were versatile enough to enjoy as a long drink with mixers or as equally tasty as a shot.

Liqueur consumption has increasingly spread across the globe over recent years. Ginello aims to become the next liqueur beverage of choice.

Taste the success of Ginello


  • We are inviting investors to join a unique and aspirational brand, that has a huge opportunity to change and disrupt the aperitif and cocktail market
  • There are no other aperitif companies who are competing within our space, this gives us a major head-start and opportunity for success and exponential growth

  • If you are interested in taking advantage of being an early investor and securing your shares in Ginello. We are looking for investments from £5,000

  • As an example, a £5,000 investment would give you 10,000 shares in Ginello at a buy in rate of £0.50 amount per share

  • Based on our exit strategy when we come to sell the company in 2027 – 2028, we estimate that your shares will be worth £5.51


The perfect blend of gin and limoncello.

        Investment in

  • Stock

  • Additional Staff

  • PR / Events / Publicity / Brand Awareness / Advertising / Influencers

  • Website improvement / SEO / PPC

  • Increased product line

  • Research & Development

  • Extending the Brosé Trademarks

  • Marketing & POS

A leading Brand

Our aim is to catapult Ginello in to  leading global brand recognised by the discerning drinker worldwide.


Distribution of Ginello will begin with our professional partners in the UK, Portugal, The UAE, Sapin and the Ntherlands.


Ginello can be drunk as a shot or is so versatile that it can be mixed with almost anything - from champagne or sparkling wine to lemonade or tonic.

The Future

Ginello will not be standing still. We will be opening up markets globally and creating media campaigns and events.

Minimum Investment Example

We believe in growth, commitment and hard work

  • Investment from £5,000

  • Buy in share price at £0.50 would give you 10,000 shares (for a £5,000 investment)

  • Exit plan to sell the company in 2027/8

  • Share price in 2024 (£0.50) Share price upon sale (£5.51)

  • 10,000 shares x £5.51 = £55,100

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